Модуль QSFP28, 100G, LR4, 10km, 2xLC

113 769 Р

OptiCin QSFP28

- Supports 103Gbps and 112Gbps
- Single 3.3V Power Supply and Power dissipation < 4.5W
- Up to 10km over SMF
- Four 25Gbps/28Gbps EML LAN-WDM channels on transmitter side
- PIN and TIA array on the receiver side
- 4x25G/28G electrical interface
- Duplex LC receptacles
- I2C interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring

Области применения:
- 100GBASE-LR4 100G Ethernet
- OTU4 4I1-9D1F

Описание (QSFP28_100G_LR4.pdf, 683 Kb) [Скачать]

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